Barrier Bags

Moisture Barrier and Anti-Static Products

vapor barrier bags


Vapor Barrier products keep external environmental elements from potentially damaging your product.

Vapor Barrier bags can be customized to fit your individual product.

Vapor Barrier bags are an excellent addition for crates traveling via ocean freight.

Vapor Barrier bags have a main essential function—control the movement of moisture. They regulate any moisture from the outside, passing through to the inside. 

Vapor Barrier bags are greaseproof, waterproof, flexible, and heat-sealable, all for the preservation of your product.

Vapor Barrier bags meet all Mil-PRF-131 performance specifications and will get your product overseas without moisture damage from the outside environment.

Anti-Static BAGS

Anti-Static Bags are designed to reduce static for sensitive equipment.

Anti-Static Bags can be customized to fit all electronic and mechanical equipment. .

Anti-Static Bags are heat-sealable,  for the preservation of your product.

Anti-Static material is 4 Mil density to reduce the possibility of tearing and damage