Crating Design

Crating Design Services to Suit Your Needs


Custom designed industrial wood crates is one of the main services we handle day in and day out.

We take the measurements, listen to your specific needs, then design the crate, and add any custom features necessary. Crates can even be assembled on-site, depending on the customers requirements.

Some of our customers have their own blueprints or drawings of exactly how the crate should be constructed.

That is no problem at all. At Crating Technology, we will read the blueprints, create a work order, and then build the custom crate. We also have mobile crews that can secure the equipment in the crate and close the crate at your location.

Other times, customers send blueprints of the actual product that needs crating. This is handled in the same manner. A crate is designed in detail on the work order for customer approval.

We utilize SolidWorks Cad Program. If your company uses SolidWorks to design your equipment, we have the ability to import your design blueprints and design a crate from that.

Customers have multiple options as to what to provide in order for us to be able to create custom industrial crates. We are flexible and are happy to work with you.

Designs can be created from the following:

  • Blueprints of the item being crated from Customer
  • Blueprints of a Customer Designed Crate
  • Photo and Measurement of Item from Customer
custom built crates

Beyond the crating aspect, there are also many other options to consider. Each of these additional features can assist in safer and easier transportation of the crate and its contents. These additional options are available on most all crates we manufacture.


Crate bases can have a standard or shock-mount design. A shock-mount base is manufactured with different types of foam products that absorb shock. Shock-mount bases should be utilized for products that are sensitive to impact during transport to mitigate potential damage.

Export Certified Crates

We are compliant with all global crating and packaging requirements. We are an ISPM 15 certified manufacturing facility.

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) refers to the procedures for certifying wooden packaging for international transportation, to prevent the spread of invasive insects between countries. It allows for Heat-treated or Chemical-treated wood products in packaging.

At Crating Technology, we utilize only Heat-Treated (HT) stamped wood products for our crates.


Twist latches are added to crates for easier opening & closing of the crate, without the use of power tools.

Hinges allow easier opening/closing of the crate. Handles can also be added for certain applications. The additions of other hardware can allow the crate to be used multiple times.


A customized ramp may be substituted for one of the crate panels allowing for an easier load/unload process for equipment on wheels.


Casters can be added to many crates for easier maneuverability in small spaces or special applications. Many different casters can be used depending on weight and size of the product/crate or even the surface the crate will be rolled on.


Skrim is a fiber reinforced, heavy gauge plastic sheeting that can be added to the top of crates that are stored or transported in inclement weather, to help protect from water damage.


In many crates we build, custom-cut foam is utilized. It is one more method to secure your product inside the crate to prevent damage from movement or impact.
Different types and densities of foam can be utilized based on the characteristics of the product, the type of protection needed, or the method of transportation and storage.


Stencils can be added to any crate for most any purpose, from standard international handling symbols to addresses or special instructions. We utilize a computerized stencil cutter that can make stencils in many sizes and fonts. We also have the capability to laser cut reusable stencils with your company logo.

It is a key way to display crate direction, fragile items, no tolerance for moisture, and much more.