This 1960’s Fighter Jet was originally owned by the Canadian Armed Forces. “It served with the test squadron at Cold Lake, and when the Canadians wanted to decrease their operational F-104 fleet, they sold this jet to the Norwegian Air Force on 20 July 1973. It received serial “4633” and served 334Skv at Bodo Air Base until its retirement on 9 December 1982, where it was put into storage.” More information can be found on the Platinum Fighters website.

The wings were removed from the jet for shipping, and all glass and sharp objects were covered and wrapped for protection.

In November 2022, Crating Technology helped to prepare shipping of this fighter jet in Phoenix, Arizona. It was purchased by the K F Aerospace Center for Excellence out of British Columbia, Canada.

The Crating Technology team, prepared the jet for transportation by shrink wrapping the entire plane. This helps to protect the aircraft from being damaged during shipping and protect it from the elements/inclement weather. This project took 3 hours to complete with a team of 3 crew members.