Look what is happening at Crating Technology…

Peter and his wife Maggie started the nonprofit Friends of Bukwo Global to bring a hospital and medical care to their village of Bukwo, Uganda. Crating Technology was honored to provide our loading dock for loading the shipping container that was headed to Uganda with the hospital and personal supplies of Peter and Maggie Sabay. Initially we were contacted to crate the generator, but we were able to help in several different ways. 

Friends of Bukwo Global was born, in 2020, from the dream of Peter and Maggie Sabay to bring quality health care, education and quality of life to Bukwo Uganda.  They are both proud immigrants who came to the United States and raised their children and built a profitable transportation company. Maggie and Peter both have extensive backgrounds in health education. Peter holds a B.A. in Global Health and was fundamental in establishing HIV/AIDS programs in Uganda and Tanzania, and Dr. Maggie is a medical practitioner at Grand Canyon University and FastMed Urgent Care centers.  They are both very personable and full of passion for their dream and in the short time we spent with them we realized what a sincere and compassionate endeavor they are undertaking.

You can visit Friends of Bukwo Global’s website at www.friendsofbukwoglobal.org and read about Peter and Maggie’s story at www.love4bukwo.org . We are proud to be involved with Peter and Maggie’s project, Friends of Bukwo Global, and wish them all the success the world has to offer.